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Triple J’s Vision

Our vision is to build a Center that will consist of a full gym with basketball court, kicthen facilities with a mess hall/dining room area, classrooms for future computer training, conference room for meetings, seminars etc. and an out door camping, an indoor riding arena, a bunkhouse, and platform tents for overnight stays.

Triple J's Mission

Our mission is to introduce individuals, young and old, to the world of horses and their healing virtues, camping and its ability to offer relaxation and appreciation for the great outdoors, and gardening and its ability to teach an appreciation for cultivating and growing things of tactile sensation.

Triple J’s Goals

  1. To build a Community Service Center that can be used by members and for various venues such as company outings, retreats and picnics.
  2. To provide a safe place to relax and enjoy a rustic, picturesque scenery away from a busy city life.
  3. To provide scenic horseback riding trails that allows you a chance to appreciate the beauty of the countryside.
  4. To provide a gardening plot that allows you to understand the beauty of growing and cultivating your own food.
  5. To allow fishing at a relaxation pond that gives you a feeling of sereneness and allows you to appreciate the great outdoors.

The Beginning

The Triple J Horse Ranch was purchased in 1995 by Jan and Jerry Sanders after they saw the need to locate a place to house their own horses. Both of them having a love for horses and the great outdoors thought this would be the perfect place. The ranch sits on 25 acres of the most scenic countryside known to man.

Having a desire to minister to the needs of youth and individuals, the Sanders decided to use their ranch as a place of retreat. Also, they use the nurturing value of horses, camping and the wonders of nature to minister to the well-being of individuals regularly.

The Triple J Ranch became an official 501(c)(3) outreach program in 2008. It began as a place for individuals, churches, and schools. Now families came to socialize, to relax, fish, ride horses, and participate in many other exciting activities. As the Sanders worked and accommodated each group, it became apparent that people appreciated a place to go where they could enjoy nature in a safe place with a homely atmosphere and where their children could run and play freely without fear.

The Sanders also saw the need to peek the interest of the visitors when it came to horses and began to provide horse etiquette training and instructions on how to properly handle a horse.

We look forward to seeing you,

Jan and Jerry Sanders

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