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Crossing all borders...

Enriching the lives of youth

We are a counter opportunity to the negative environment faced by our youth today.

The Beauty of Triple J

There is something enchanting about horseback riding at the Triple J Horse Ranch. It is a chance to escape everyday life and enjoy the peace, solitude and tranquility of the outdoors. The steady hoof beat of a sure footed horse and the connection with the countryside will transport you into a different place and time.

Visitors experience and enjoy the magnificence of nature and the scenic hayrides. There is no better way to truly appreciate the outdoors than by breathing in the natural aromas and being awed by the true brilliance of stars in a deep night sky, while enjoying the happy gatherings of friends and family.

It’s all about the escape, about riding, and letting your spirit take long deep breaths. It’s about riding through nature, undisturbed by crowds and leaving behind everything that reminds you of the daily grind of modern day living. It’s about being isolated in a breathtaking landscape and imagining you are the only person there. And that’s the beauty of Triple J Horse Ranch.

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